What Is The Purpose Of This Site?

The site is about showing interesting information about artists and their music in a compact way while also serving links to the user to enjoy their content. It may take some time to get used to the way how we show that information, but once you know how it works you can easily find what you want to know quickly.

How Big Is Your Team?

We are currently with 2 people, father and son.

How Did It Start?

The idea for this website was originally of my father. He was always busy with collecting and listening music, as long as i can remember and even before that. He also likes to study and then process information into a compact- but information rich- display he made of his own.

My father explained his project to me. It peeked my interest and i thought it could be something. After that i offered to help him and here we are now, a 2 man team. My father provides the information you see about the artists, and i do all the technical aspects of the website.

When Did We Start?

The site went live in early 2020.

Are You Guys Professional Programmers?

No, we are very much not. Everything we know is self-taught through online tutorials and examples. This also means sometimes things run in a sub-optimal way but we are always looking for ways to improve and expand ourselves.

Are You Hiring?

Currently we are not.

How Do You Keep This Site Running?

We rely on donations from generous users and purchases through our affiliated Amazon links. We will hold off as long as we can from going to ads because we hate them too.